United States Space Force

United States Space Force Logo - stadeodesign.com
United States Space Force Logo – stadeodesign.com


The logo above was based on the existing Shield of Air Force Space Command (no copyright infringement intended.)

The centrally dominant globe represents the earth as viewed from space, the earth being both the origin and control point for all satellites. The emblem is provided its distinctive appearance by two symmetric ellipses representing the orbital paths traced by satellites in earth orbit, the satellites themselves being symbolically depicted as four-point stars. The 30-degree orbital inclination and symmetrically opposed placement of the satellites signify the worldwide coverage provided by Air Force satellites in accomplishing space-based surveillance, navigation, weather, missile warning and communications missions. The slight tapering of the orbital ellipses represents the characteristic eastward motion. The centrally superimposed deltoid symbolizes both the Space Force upward thrust into space and the launch vehicles needed to place all satellites in orbit. The distinctive dark blue background shading and small globe and stars symbolize the space environment.

The enlisted rank designs below were entirely of my own conceptualization and did not mean any copyright infringement from other designs. Basis and reference of designs are indicated on links below. When using images, use “Copyright: stadeodesign.com” and to include the link to this blog. Thank you for viewing!

These two sets of insignia are similar except for the color schemes: gold/black and blue/white.

United States Space Force Enlisted Ranks - stadeodesign.com
United States Space Force Enlisted Ranks (Gold)
United States Space Force Rank - stadeodesign.com
United States Space Force Rank (Blue)


The design of the enlisted ranks are based on the U.S. Air Force enlisted rank insignia.

The rank structures and pay grades are based on and a combination of both the

United States Marine Corps rank insignia and the United States Air Force officer rank insignia.

(As of June 2018) The U.S. Space Force (USSF) (if approved by Congress) is a proposed sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces intended to have control over military operations in outer space. It would absorb the operations and duties of the Air Force Space Command, a major command of the United States Air Force that currently handles and supports most of the country’s military operations in space.

My previous design for the US Space Corps logo/seal:

United States Space Corps Seal
United States Space Corps Seal

Reference and latest developments can be found on Wikipedia: United States Space Force.

6 thoughts on “United States Space Force

    1. Hello, please do use the logo for any personal projects. Please do not use it for any political or with any negative intentions and connotations. Please do not use it to sell products and gain monetary compensations. Thank you for asking.


  1. I like the design. It acknowledges the Space Force’s Air Force heritage while being distinctive unto itself. Additional suggestion: the Blue insignia are for personnel who have not had space-based duty. The Gold insignia serve the purpose of Astronaut Wings. Those would only be authorized for people who have actually been to space for USSF duties. The version for use with OCP would need some other indicator, as they would always be blue-on-olive. Perhaps a frame or side bars?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, I appreciate the comment and ideas! I really like your ideas, my designs are not really completed and are ongoing, as I intended them. I didn’t add any officer ranks, for example. Maybe I will continue with them now that the actual Space Force branch creation has been moving along.

      In the military, specifically in the Marine Corps, the rank structure and insignia are all the same for each respective rank and I think that applies to the other branches too. I would like to keep it that way to avoid confusion. Also, having bars on the ranks indicate that they are officers, specifically warrant officers, lieutenants and captains.

      I like your idea about OCP or camouflage (cammies) uniform as well. But if they wear these insignias in cammies, they’ll just be black metal or plastic. Check this out: https://www.marines.mil/portals/1/Publications/MCO%201020.34H%20v2.pdf?#page=108


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