United States Space Corps (Proposed)

United States Space Corps Seal

NOTICE: The enlisted rank designs below were entirely of my own conceptualization and did not mean any copyright infringement from other designs. Basis and reference of designs are indicated by links below. When using images, use “Copyright: stadeodesign.com” and to include the link to this blog. Thank you for viewing!

United States Space Corps Enlisted Ranks
United States Space Corps Enlisted Ranks


The enlisted ranks were designed based on the U.S. Air Force enlisted rank insignia. The actual ranks were based on the U.S. Marine Corps enlisted titles and pay grades.

The U.S. Space Corps (USSC) (if approved by Congress) will become a component of the U.S. Air Force just like the Marine Corps is under the Department of the Navy. The USSC will potentially adapt the rank structure of the Marine Corps/Army as its own.

Reference: Wikipedia

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Flag of Howard County

I redesigned the flag of Howard County, Maryland to depict a cleaner and more modern design. No copyright infringement is intended.

It is described as “a red and white design which incorporates part of the Maryland flag.” The colors also reflect the exact colors of the flag of Maryland, including the red and gold.

Howard County Redesign Flag, Maryland
Howard County Redesign Flag

The top left quarter, a “sheaf of wheat in gold symbolizes the agricultural heritage of the County” which can also be found on the original seal of Howard County dating back from 1840. The bottom left quarter depicts a golden triangle “symbolizing the unique position of Howard in the future development of the eastern seaboard.”

The flag of Howard County, Maryland was established in 1968 through a contest and was designed by Jean O. Hannon.